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Helping women over 40 discover the life-changing benefits of strength training.


Group Courses

For those who prefer a group course or challenge setting, I offer several options throughout the year, with new courses being developed all the time.


1:1 Coaching

Both in-person (Boulder, CO) and online training. Limited seats available. 


Workout Plans

A vast library of Grab and Go Workout Programs for download, to be used with my free mobile app.


The Body Pod

Join me and my co-host, Laura, as we interview industry leaders in all things women's fitness and beauty. New episodes drop every Monday and Thursday.


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Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry, Dr. Tony Boutagy, as we discuss the importance of building a strong foundation.


Specifically designed for females 40+, this intelligent program will set you up to be strong and independent for decades to come.


Power Happens Express is a 12 week program with bang for your buck 30 (ish) minute full body strength workouts 4 days a week.


  • Dr. Sims exact workout recommendations from her book “NEXT LEVEL” 

  • Short and intense 30 minute sessions featuring low reps with heavy loads to get you out and on with your day!

  • 2 S.I.T workouts per week

  • 1 (optional) HIIT workout per week

  • 4 strength training days featuring only compound movements with one “optional” superset for those wanting a bit more

  • Designed to build max strength and power

  • Designed for the peri/post menopausal female

  • Perfect for the intermediate lifter that is comfortable working in low rep ranges with heavy loads

  • Can be completed at home or at the gym

  • 12 weeks worth of workouts (new programming with new overload methods introduced every third week)

  • 3-5 days of programming (depending on the optional add ons)

  • Minimal equipment needed: Swiss ball, dumbbells and/or kettlebells, short and long resistance bands. (not required but highly recommended: TRX, Bench)

  • Different programming and workouts from the original Power Happens program

  • Launch price of $99 USD

  • Two programs to choose from, Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced 

  • 12 weeks of workouts (new programming with new overload techniques introduced every third week)

  • 3-6 days of programming (depending on the week and the program)

  • 30 and 60 minute options for all strength days 

  • Designed for those women that want access to shorter max load training as well as an option for hypertrophy blocks to focus on max strength and building muscle and bringing up lagging muscle groups

  • Access to a private facebook group

  • Education video module as well as resource manual from Dr. Sims on general nutrition information for peri and post menopausal women

  • Live  Q and A sessions evey other month (July/August no lives) through 2024

  • Designed for the peri and post menopausal female 

  • Unique programming that is different from Power Happens Express

  • ‘Perfect for the teaching the beginner to properly prepare for lower loads and higher reps by preparing the tendons and ligaments with a descending rep scheme from the start of the 12 week program to the end setting you up for future lower rep range/heavier load programs

  • Features a HIIT and/or  S.I.T sessions per week

  • Price $199 USD


Download my FREE mobile app and get 4 four-week workout plans for free.

✅ A wide range of workout plans for all experience levels.

✅ Log and track your workouts easily within the app. 

✅ Schedule your workouts to ensure you stay on track.

✅ A comprehensive video library that demonstrates how to do all the exercises.


Questions, comments, concerns? I'm all ears!

Thanks for reaching out. I will respond ASAP!

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