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Specifically designed for females 40+, this intelligent program will set you up to be strong and independent for decades to come.


  • 12 weeks of intelligent programming

  • New programming every three weeks

  • 2-4 strength training days (2-3 days beginner and 4 days for intermediate/advanced)

  • Two days of HIIT/SIT cardio

  • Core and mobility work

  • At home and gym workouts

  • Beginner and intermediate levels

  • Progressive overload instruction videos

  • User-friendly mobile app

  • Bonus: Free Learn to Lift course

  • Intermediate/advanced levels

  • Nutrition guideline from Dr. Sims




Swiss ball, dumbbells or kettlebells, small booty bands and long pull-up bands. Optional equipment: TRX, decline/incline bench


Standard gym equipment (leg press, leg extension, barbell, bench, back extension, leg curl, dumbbells, EZ Bar)


How do I know if I want beginner the intermediate program?

If you are just beginning your lifting journey or are still working primarily with just dumbbells during the first year strength training, the beginner program is your appropriate for you.


More experienced: If you have a strong and solid foundation with strength training using barbells and machines, and working down in low rep ranges with advanced overload techniques, this program is suitable for you.


How is the program set up?

The workouts are uploaded to the Hailey Happens Fitness app immediately after purchase. The workouts are a do it yourself program where you will be given your sets, reps, and instructions on the program overload methods. You will log the weights you use each week. There are no follow along videos. You will have a video of each exercise, but they do not have instructions that accompany them.


*You do get instructional videos on form and technique in the Learn To Lift course, which is free in my app.

Is there any face time with Dr. Sims?

There will be a monthly Q and A session with Stacy to answer any of your questions about the program. 


What do we do after we complete the 12 week program?

We are already beginning to write the next 12 weeks for those who are wanting to progress with this program.


How long is this program?

This program is 12 weeks in duration with new workouts updated every three weeks.


What equipment do I need for either program?

Both programs are available for you to complete at the gym with standard gym equipment or at home with limited equipment including: bands, dumbbells or kettlebells, swiss ball, a bench.


How long do I get access to the program?

You own this program after purchase for a lifetime or the duration of the Hailey Happens Fitness app. 

What does being on the waitlist do for me?

The waitlist gets early access to the program as well as access to purchase the program at a discounted price.

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