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From bodyweight to barbell in 12 weeks.


Learn to Lift was designed to help the beginner female interested in strength training but not sure where to start. This 12 week program will take you from body weight to introduction of the barbell in 12 weeks. It offers three strength training days per week with new programming introduced every three weeks. With instructional videos explaining the correct movements and potential errors, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to get strong and stay safe in the gym. 


This program is the one program that I am most proud of. From the start of my online training programs reaching women from all over the world, I have wanted this program to come to life. I am so incredibly passionate about helping women get comfortable in the gym setting and to decrease the massive intimidation factor that can accompany it.


As aging women, strength training should be a non-negotiable. We now have information that our parents and grandparents didn’t have showing the innumerable benefits of strength training for women. I want you to be able to enter every new decade of your life strong enough to live the quality of life you deserve and to stay independent for a lifetime. 


This program was written with the legendary strength coach, Dr. Tony Boutagy, who is one of Australia's premier personal trainers and educators offering over 30 years of experience working with your everyday client to the leading world class physique athlete.

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