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Foundation Happens was designed to build a solid foundation by increasing work capacity, balancing muscle symmetry and plugging energy links so that you can decrease the risk of injury and perform better and safer in the gym over a training year. It should be prioritized at some point during a training year for everyone (beginner to the advanced female lifter). Foundations is by far my most popular program that women adore. It is often said that this is "the program they never knew they needed." This program can be done at the gym or at home. Alternate exercises are provided for gym equipment when needed. 8 weeks duration: 3 strength days/2 cardio days with new programming introduced every two weeks.

- 5 days per week (3 Strength/2 Cardio)

- Average workout time: 60 mins

- 8 weeks total


Membership to this group offers access to the Foundation Happens Pre-filmed Education Webinar where Dr. Tony Boutagy discusses the common physical issues which can hinder a female who is strength training and provides excellent preventative exercises to minimize these issues. He also demonstrates movements that may cause these issues so you can avoid them in your strength training practices. This group also provides an opportunity for members to submit questions and attend  a live Q&A session on topics related to building your foundation and keeping your whole body injury free and learning how to work around injuries.

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